Duplex: Some NRPN questions

I’m dabbling with a Duplex integration for Allan & Heath Qu series mixers, but not making too much progress so far. I’ve no prior MIDI protocol knowledge so it’s a bit of learning curve :slight_smile:

I typed out a whole load of stuff for my first question but I’ve rubber ducked that one (Need to generate the NRPN with (MSB<<7 | LSB) rather than <<8 by the looks of it.

The fader value is just a 0-127 in the data MSB, and the LSB is always 0. Is there currently a way to configure such a thing on a control. If I set mode abs_7 it will just send the MSB and no LSB packet. Else I may need to add a new PARAM_MODE to Duplex.


Well some progress! I’m overriding send_nrpn_message and doing some hackery in there to bump 7 bit values to the MSB and add in the static LSB.

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Id love to help dude but large chunks of your messages just go straight over my head, sorry. Im wishing you well, if that counts for anything?