Duplex To Control Effects On Different Tracks

I’m trying to understand if I can use Duplex with my current Renoise setup.
In almost every song I have drum pieces in the first three or four tracks and different effects in each track. I use a Novation Nocturn to control various parameters, but I have very customized mappings. For example, I have a Memory VST for every track so that I can retrig every drum piece separately and in the Novation Nocturn I mapped the first knob and relative button to two parameters of the Memory plugin in track one, the second knob to the second Memory parameter and so on.

Is there any way to use duplex to make this setup easier?

Not quite sure what you mean. What’s the problem with your current approach? Do you want to do something that’s not possible?
Custom mappings are custom mappings. You know that you can save your DSP chains, and the mappings are saved along with the devices?

Yes, I am already doing that, but I was thinking that maybe, using Duplex, I could do something more versatile.

Signor, you are the one with unique insight into your own process. If it’s a question of doing custom mappings “over and over”, then I can relate to that, but find it hard to find a better solution - even an imaginary one. Actually I used to think that automap would solve this, but it turned out that I wasn’t really interested in having ALL parameters exposed - just a few ones, and different ones for each song.

So, the MIDI mapping dialog (PLUS the ability to save DSP chains with those mappings) really cover most of my own ‘custom mapping’ needs.

Well, it’s just a bit annoying having to create customized mappings for every songs when there are just small differences. I think the problem is in the Novation mapping system and not in Renoise. I’d like to merge different mappings, for example, or create a new page and “import” a configuration that I’ve used in another song, while, I think, to do this I have to recreate everything from scratch, setting the right midi messages and the parameter names. I was hoping that Duplex could help me doing something similar.