Duplex With 2 Controllers At Same Time

i’m considering bying a launchpad in the next few weeks, but i’m not shure wether i would be able to use the launchpad and my nocturn at the same time. im thinking of using the launchpad whith daxons stepsequencer and the nocturn to control mixer and effect parameters. can someone tell me if this would work, please.

I can’t see why they wouldn’t. One thing I’ve not checked is if Duplex is dependant on the Renoise MIDI input settings, or if Duplex runs entirely with it’s own selection. I’m pretty sure it is the latter, plus although you cannot seem to have 2 controllers open at any one time, they do remain checked in the tools>duplex menu.

Yes, multiple devices is no problem. Multiple Launchpads also is no problem. Each can run their own apps etc.

great! thanks for your information!

i just found out that launpad wont work with duplex, when the automap server is activated, but, as far as i know, you have to run automap in order to get the nocturn working. so it’s impossible to use them both at the same time, or am i understanding something wrong here?

It’s possible to disable the Automap software on the Launchpad while it continues to run on other devices.

Here’s how to do it (quoting from the control-map info):

thats great news! for some reason i was thinking that pressing User2 + down at the launchpad would turn off the automap software on the host computer. stupid me! :wacko: