"duplicate Selection" In Pattern Editor

Instead of selecting notes -> copy & paste, would be nice to have a “duplicate selection” option in the drop-down menu (right click).

For example, you have a 32 lines pattern in wich only 16 are filled with notes.
It’s a lot faster (IMO) to “duplicate” those 16 notes to the next 16 lines to complete the pattern (select -> right click -> duplicate) than copying and pasting (select -> right click -> copy -> move the cursor to line 16 -> paste).

I’m new to the forums so i’m not sure if this has been suggested. If so… delete this topic :)

If you mean to paste the selected area just after itself, it would be really time saving. A keyboard-shortcut for such a feature would save lots of time.


yep, that’s exactly what i mean.

absolutely (like CTRL+D or something).

no, sorry… you will be obliged to press CTRL+P for this, until you change the current shortcut…

yeah, but “paste continously” isn’t the same as “duplicate” (paste it twice).

probably the example wasn’t very good, 'cause it was about filling the pattern with the selection. for that, i would use CTRL+P.
if i have a line with note+volume+pan+like 3 effect columns, and i want it twice, IMO it is faster to just duplicate it instead of writing everything again.

I think you can do this very fast like:

  1. go to line 16 (with F11 or PgDown)
  2. Alt+S
  3. Ctrl+C
  4. Ctrl+V

(Alt+S selects the pattern above the current line. Alt+A selects the track… for below: Alt+X and Alt+Y(Z))

It’s just one tiny step more than what you suggest: Ctrl+C and V instead of Ctrl+D.

OK, I see… to me personally copy and paste are enough, tho. I don’t see the need for a single “duplicate selection” button.

Also, if you didn’t know… you can hold Ctrl and drag the selection around with the mouse. This will copy and paste.

Nice notice, but when large areas are selected qnio’s suggestion would be more convenient & save more time.

Bump because this is still a great idea.

With each press of the duplicate combo after the initial one it should make a subsequent duplication.

Bump because this is still a great idea.

With each press of the duplicate combo after the initial combo it should make another subsequent duplication.

+1, sounds scriptable?

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script here: