Duplicating instrument uses double memory

The fact that the instrument FX tie an instrument to a single track forces us to duplicate drumsets as often as it contains drums, so we can mix the drumset.
I generally don’t mind, but each duplicate will take away memory.
If it is an exact duplicate, this is unnecessary. Renoise needs to check this and only use a new memory address when the duplicate gets modified.

[moved out of bug reports, since it’s technically not a bug]

How is this not a bug? It doubles memory when not needed!

You have duplicated the instrument and all of its contents, therefore requiring double the amount of memory to store all that stuff in the song.

It would be a nice feature if Renoise would use sample aliases (or something similar), to avoid using double the memory when the samples are obviously identical and unmodified.

But the lack of such a feature is clearly not a bug — it is simply a missing feature.