Duplicating Keyzones

Often when using an XRNI I find that it doesn’t have the range of notes that I want/need. You can drag out a keyzone to cover more notes, but you can’t duplicate one. Take this situation:

This is an XRNI with some power chords. But it doesn’t have as large a range as I’d want to and duplicating all of the samples to make its range broader would be both inefficient and way too time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be possible to use the same sample for several keyzones, rather than having to duplicate every sample over and over? If this is already possible then I haven’t found how to do it.

I’m not sure what you mean by cannot duplicate one?
Click the sample and click duplicate, then drag the new overlapping keyzone to the other spot.

Indeed currently still inefficient, but currently also forced due to background processing reasons.

But that duplicates the sample, not the keyzone.

What I was getting at is that you can extend a keyzone to make the corresponding sample cover more notes with the same sample, but you can’t duplicate/copy the keyzone itself to do the same thing, still using the same sample to refer to both keyzones. What this would do is make it easier to make XRNI’s cover larger note ranges with limited sample sets, and indeed to extend existing XRNI’s that have limited ranges.