Dust - yet another new song

For some reason, I seem to be on a roll…


Man i love that you dont auto tune your vocals.I am pretty sure though that you can do better vocals.It seems to me that you are over trying to make your vocals sound dark like a rock vocalist you know, that it takes away the real power of your voice holding you back.I am guilty of this too ,back when i was younger i always tried to sing like my favorite singers but soon realised that is not the way to go for my own songs.Nothing wrong learning to sing by copying other singers,this is how we all learned to sing but we must find our own voice down the line even if we dont like it(most singers i know dont like their voice me included).Let loose of your throat keep your chin up when you sing, you will get better results.Anyway great track and please post the lyrics every time you upload because i like to sing along when i hear something good like this .

I agree there, surprisingly, Dust and Rocketship are closer to my natural singing than any of my other stuff, just lack of practice singing in my own voice I guess?
Not a fan of autotune either, though I try and stay ‘almost’ in tune I often slip off, but sometimes that sounds good too :smiley:
The only real vocal processing I do is a bit of reverb and compression, then a second copy of the vocals which I pitch down to give some ‘depth’? then a third track with more extreme reverb and a phaser effect but lower volume and more absorbed into the mix haha. I even usually do the vocals in one take too, though if it’s really out of tune I’ll try again…and again.
I ALWAYS post the lyrics, in the description on soundcloud :smiley: however just for you:

Something is wrong with us
We’re broken
Souls are tainted
We try to hide it
Then deny it, but we’re only fooling ourselves
Darkness inside us
We’re blighted
We’ll ruin everything

What have you done?
What can be saved?
There’s nothing left for us
We ground it into dust
What did you do?
I’ll never forgive you

Why’d we destroy the world?
Do we hate it?
Don’t deserve it, all we touch goes to ruin
Who are we fooling?
What are we doing to ourselves?
The time has come, our will is done and there’s nothing left for anyone

What have we done to the world?
Too late to save anything
Time to act was a decade ago
Now we shall reap what we have sewn

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Thanks.I copy my vocals too and pitch the copies a bit but the best thing is the Renoise chorus,i use it a lot in my vocals it does wonders you should try it.I have nothing against auto tune and i will use it if the track demands it,i just dont like how they use it these days all over the tracks it makes good music feel robotic and lifeless.