Dutch 25 Years Amiga Celebration Party

Dutch 25 Years Amiga Celebration Party.

For the dutch people here that likes trackers AND Amiga’s there is going to be a party on July 24th in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands.

You can read the whole article here (in Dutch).

Or the English article

Also members of the old demoscene will be there like for example Paradox / MeLLoW / Desire etc.
I’m currently making a remix of “Comic Bakery” with Renoise for the demo that will be made for this party.

Maybe even the Dutch television SBS6 will come there for an interview but thats still a big maybe :)

Reason i post it on Renoise forum? first of all Amiga exists for 25 years! and second music-trackers goes back to the roots on Commodore 64/Amiga and other old systems. So that has to be celebrated.

If youre interested you can email the webmaster “party@amigascene.nl”

Ahh, good ol’ Amiga.

Had an A1200 and kinda regret that I sold it. Still have a working-when-it-feels-like-it A500 in the closet collecting dust tho. Got it from a friend that wanted to throw it in the trash.

Cool that you guys celebrate this wonderful machine! The root of so many cool demos, music, and productions. Keep it rockin’!