Dutch Sweets / Candy

what are your favourite dutch sweets?
since being on this forum, i’m now hooked on buying sweets over from holland. Started with autodrop total loss. and now I’m on to the large range of katya sweets like the red gummy pigs. I also been trying those Old timers, the sheep ones? it’s like liquirish with crunchy white bits mmmMmmmmmmm :dribble: :dribble:

can anyone recomend anymore? what other autodrop ones are good? (apart from drop zonders, the after taste was like petrol)

mars bar…oh wait.sory

Fucking STROOPWAFELS, my friend.


How about some bloody KRUIDNOTEN:

pepernoten voor de win als er ook schuimpjes en andere zooi tussen zit :)

Vroeger at ik me ziek aan:

Hahaha, no thanks :P Can’t stand them!

But you can always interest me in some

best one ever !

shaved beaver :drummer:

thanks guys I will check those out! those stroopwaffles look :dribble: :dribble:

I love and

One of my favorites, better then autodrop:

But don’t drink too much of it :D