Dvorak And Other Keyboard Woes

So about a month or so ago I switched from QWERTY to DVORAK. (I am so happy with my decision)

I’m a registered renoise owner but I haven’t ran it since March. I had remembered there being pretty good customization ability (especially in the realm of the keyboard) but I am ofcourse not seeing any way to actually remap the NOTES.

If there’s not already a Dvorak layout available for renoise I wouldn’t mind sitting down and churning one out, but I don’t see any way to do that.

So now considering that I can’t use my keyboard (mentally, Dvorak has completely taken over, I can maybe go about 10wpm in qwerty now…)
And since I STILL don’t see an Impulse Tracker style highlighting (every 4 and 16)

it looks like I’ll be putting renoise back on the shelf and seriously wishing I had saved that 30+$ for food or drugs.

Can anyone save me from this deep dark hole? :(

you can only set ReNoise to highlight a pattern row every given number of rows.

you cannot edit note keys, and I think that there is really no music program around which makes this. Buying a cheap MIDI keyboard would surely help: if you managed to switch to DVORAK, you should also be able to learn using MIDI keyboard.

if you switched to dvorak you should also be concentrating on growing your linux-beard and not bother so much about composing…

I switched to Dvorak for my fingers. I’ve got rapid degenerative arthritis, and Dvorak requires much less of my fingers. (shorter travel, more alternation)

Other music programs that support Dvorak include Buzz, BeRo tracker, ModPlug tracker, and others not wort using.

I’ve got a MIDI keyboard that I use very frequently, but just because I have one doen’t mean the note data across my keyboard can’t also be sane.

Would it really be so hard to let us assign our row highlighting? Every 4 and 16 or every 4 and 12, it’s just a nice visual guide for some of us, not everyone uses their brains in the same way.

My ‘linux beard’ is fine, and really not in question…

I guess I’m just an officially dissastisfied customer.