Dweller In The Abyss

Only just recently registered for the forums though I’ve used Renoise for a year (I’ve used the demo for much longer though). This song was made completely in Renoise over a period of a few weeks. I did some of it on a train. First I tried doing the live instruments in Reaper but I ended up rerecording everything in Renoise and it sounds more organized. Trackers make more sense to me. This is probably different music than what most people are using Renoise for. Is anyone else making music similar to this in Renoise? Anyway, let me know what you think.



Thats some nice music, maybe the vocals need to be mixed more clearly :)

Just yesterday i had to think of a genre for new weekly compo, and i chose punk/ rock(never made any myself yet though…) so if u want check it out(see music competition forum, dead deog disko:)), should be something if u are in for it :D edit: it didnt start yet…have to see if i can find when i starts…edit2:ok it starts now :)
btw for the vocal maybe u can try (little bit of)hi pass and some eq so u can hear the lyrics better…

Thanks. I’m thinking about double-tracking the quieter parts of the vocal. I finally got monitors today so I might do some remixing. I’ll check out the compo thing.

Krautrock made with Renoise! \o/ yeah
Maybe the drums are to low, but this is only my opinion. Nevertheless, I like this tune.

Thanks. Yeah, that does bother me a bit that the drums are too low. I used MDrummer for the kick and snare and it was clipping, even with a compressor so I had to mix that down. The samples I originally had sounded a little thin to me. I’d be interested in hearing what other people could do with the .XNRS but the file is huge with all the guitar, vocals, and bass tracks.

Noooo! Soundcould says “Sorry, we can’t find that”. Do you have a new account on soundcloud?

Yeah i notice SC tracks not being available as well when linked here.
Are they being made public or are only friends able to see them?

Aaaah! Looks like they have a new soundcloud-page

Oh wow. Glad to see people are still following this. Yeah, I changed the Soundcloud link. Its http://soundcloud.com/unspeakablevessel