Dx Plugins In Renoise?

is it possible to get Dx plugins working in renoise? i am under the impression that renoise doesn’t support dx, only vst. there are a few dx only plugins i am interested in getting, but i don’t want to waste the $ if i can’t get em working in my favourite program :walkman:

is there a wrapper that would enable dx plugins to work through vst? i tried doing a search but all i could find was wrappers for the other way around, vst through dx. or is this feature planned for future implementation?

thanks for the input

You can try the ffx-4 wrapper.

But there are a few issues you should know of.


dj io can I ask what those plug-ins are out of curiosity? don`t know a lot about DX plug-ins available and am wondering what they are offering that VST is not.

the main one is antares autotune. my friend who has it says it is dx only and doesnt support vst :(

Ah ok, Ive heard of that one. Supposed to be a very good plug I believe (dont take my word on this though as have obviously never tried it). Didn`t realise it was just dx tho.

Thanks for putting my curiosity to rest :)

I’ve never used nor seen it, but I think that an autotune plugin should receive MIDI input. This can’t be done in ReNoise until now, so beware :ph34r:

Checked their website and it seems VST is only for Mac… (for some strange reason)

Negative… the Antares Autotune works on wavs (singer’s voice)… it detect the pitch of the note and does an automatic pitch-shift (no timestretch obviously) where needed… in order to have the melody moving only on the desired scale (which you can set somewhere on the left or even edit to fit your personal needs)… note that setting the Autotune to a very tight and fast adjust of the voice’s pitch results in unnatural changes giving that mechanic feeling used by Cher and Eiffel 65… if you know what I mean…

oh yes!

Sounds like some kind of Scottish yodel :lol:

Do you used Autotune ? + How do you send notes into it ?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I only used my voice and a finger !!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just sing and gently hit your “Adam’s Apple” (that excrescence which only males have on the neck) when you change the note: to achieve a good result, the hit and the change MUST be synchronic!

This is just one of the funny things that you can achieve with voice, curiosity, and some spare time ;)

Next time, on request: the diplophony, which actually takes a lot of spare time to be made :)

if this is what i think it is, i am very interested in hearing this, this is like the voice i make when i am talking like an old man, sometimes there is an extra harmony in there and i wish i knew how to harness that to be able to sing harmonically like that… you can do that?? :blink: