Dx To Vst Convertor

Does anyone know of a VST plug that can host DX plugs within it? I am in need of this because I just bought some wonderful mastering DX plugs, but I am unable to use them in Renoise.

Is there any chance DX will be supported in the future?

The main 3 options I know of are:

FFX4 - this works well, although it doesn’t do temposync. I don’t know if the pay version does this.

Effect Chainer - this is free, but from reports I have read elsewhere, it might not be too stable.

Console - this is actually a host, but it can also run as a plugin. Many seem to use it as a DX to VST adapter for hosts that don’t support DX and most of the reports I have read seem positive for this aspect. It’s payware, but less than $60, so it’s not unreasonable.

Thanks Xylyx, I knew there had to be some solutions out there. I’ll give these a try.

I’ve tried the Acon Effect Chainer some time ago and it was buggy as hell with Renoise 1.8 and made it crash regulary. I have only tested this with the DirectX plugs i’ve got with my copy of Sound Forge Audio Studio.

FFX4 seems like the first solution. BUT, you can’t choose where to install it, and my commercial bundle keeps asking for the password authentication even though I’ve done it 40 itmes already.

It’s starting to look like less of a necessity anyway.