Dxi Support?

Nevermind, I decided to buy it.


cool,i will buy it this friday,this link is helpfull


Ah, S-N-S, from Reaper?

Anyway, it was just a post to see if DXi is supported. It looks like it is not because I don’t see it listed anywhere. Also wondering if it will be in the future. It’s not a huge deal since I have a ton of VSTs and VSTis. I do have a few DXi synths that I love, though. But I have plenty of other sequencers, DAWs, etc that I can use them in. Just looking for another composition tool and this looks like it has some interesting features.

don’t think dxi will ever be supported since it is basically a dead format, aren’t there vst to dxi converter plugins? Maybe you search the kvr forum for more info? good luck


get ffx-4 at the bottom of the page. DXtoVST-Wrapper.

Thanks for the replies.

Jonas, you may be right, but I think it’s more of a case of Steinberg trying to play hardball. As long as Sonar is still a player DXi will be alive. I don’t use Sonar much anymore but I have a few go to DXi synths

Looza, thanks for the link. I did manage to find a wrapper yesterday on a Nuendo forum, but I’ll try the one in your link too. Appreciated!


oh, you mean instruments … the ffx-4 won’t work with that. But is there honestly any DXi that is not avaiable as VSTi ?

Actually, I mean both. And yes, there are plenty that I have that are DXi only (because they came with Sonar or Project 5).

Instruments: Dimension, P-SYN, etc.

Effects: The Sonitus effect suite, the Project 5 effects, etc.

As I mentioned, it’s not a huge deal, but all of the start up multi-track recording companies are supporting both VST and DXi. It’s more the specialty programs (Renoise, Temper, etc.) that seem to be VST only. I’m not sure if this is because of Steinberg’s decision to pull out of DXi support or not, or if its just a case of “let’s cover 80%” of our market," but I do see that there is demand for DXi (there are older posts in this forum from users looking for wrappers too, so there has to be a need).

I don’t think its a dead format – especially since there are so many start up companies competing for the DAW market. I just think it is Steinberg trying to muscle out competition. That’s fine, but they’re losing a lot of their market base because Cubase users are fleeing after the disastrous ver 4 upgrade. It’s hard to tell what will happen with Nuendo, as that’s more of a high-end market, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m really buying this as more of a compositional alternative rather than a main go to program. I will probably slave this to Reaper at some point, and Reaper does have DXi support, so it’s all good. I just think it would be a good idea to have native DXi support. There are quite a few users who have DXi instruments and DX plugs and there is definitely a market for some of those users.

But are you sure you can use those with renoise at all ? Most of these host-specific plugs will work only in that host, no matter what.
This is true atleast for all Cubase and Fruity-Loops Plugins I know of. They might be VST-Plugins technically but can’t be loaded anywhere else. Ableton went all the way with their plugins not being VST at all, but most other companies make VST-Plugins and lock them down afterwards for use in their host only.

And I really think you are wrong there, DX is dead and is supported only for legacy reasons by different DAWs. That Steinberg-Move you described happened years ago and they won. I bet 10% of all commercial plugins coming out are vst+dx, the rest is vst-only and apart from that 99% of all freeware plugins I know are VST-only.

And the Sonitus Suite is definately avaiable as VST.


I don’t know about renoise yet because I haven’t had time to install it.

However, with only a few exceptions, all of my plugs work in other apps. The exceptions are things like Wavelab-specific plugs (multi-band compression, etc.) and the custom Sonar plugs, but all of the Acid plugs are cross platform, as are the sonitus, project 5 and others. Instruments such as Dimension, P-Syn and others work in any host that supports DXi. I can use Cubase effects and instruments and Sonar effects and instruments in Reaper. A lot of DAWs support DXi – Reaper, Tracktion, N-Track, etc., just to name a few. I agree that it is not as common as VST but as long as Cakewalk continues putting out versions of Sonar DXi will be supported. I don’t see them going under soon. And Steinway only removed DXi support on their version 4 updates. So it’s not like it’s been years. They still supported it in their SX series.

I have no intention of spending three hundred dollars to buy a VST version of an effect suite that I already own in DX. I’m not going to get into a pissing contest about this, I just expressed a desire to be able to use native DX and DXi plugs.

Steinberg did probably not implemented DXi in Cubase 4 probably because CB4 was rewritten from scratch but that’s a guess.
As for the other DAW’s: as long as you already support the protocol, why removing it?
Reaper seems to be one of the newer programs that support DXi but since when? 0.86 or something like that? (somewhere early 2006)
But as with standards, war always goes about standards and VST is likely going to win anyway.
(AS VHS won from BetaMax and Blue Ray may win from HD DVD)