Dynamic/Context-dependent Macro Mappings

Basically, it would be great to map only a single ADSR which will then dynamically affect the ADSR in the modulation sets associated with the last played (via MIDI) note.

That would allow to map the few knobs on those popular 4x4 drum pad controllers to dedicated functions, based on which pad is “selected”.

a hydra device and multiple instruments

a hydra device and multiple instruments

And will mute groups work then across the multiple instruments, too?

If you make your own via workarounds. I think what you need instead is the ‘quick adhsr envelope’ tool and edit it a little to be midi bindable.

A better solution would be to allow midi bindings to be controlled via the tool API, so they could be placed dynamically, allowing this and more things to be possible.

I wouldn’t know how to create own mute groups via workarounds across different instruments.

Scripting access would solve it for Renoise, but not for Redux, unfortunately.

I find it conceptually a bit weird to have different ADSR controls for everything. Most samplers I know just have one, which always affects what is selected. But I am afraid that what we see here again is due to the fact that Renoise and Redux are not samplers in the classical sense, but a sample-sequencer. I still wish that taktik and crew would focus on the actual playability of the Renoise and Redux “instruments”.