Dynamic Eq as a replace for Multiband Compressor

As probably everyone knows in order to setup a native Multiband compressor in Renoise (other than the instrument area) you need couple of sends which is not so intuitive in my opinion . So how about using dynamic eqs in a doofer as a replacement? Like 3 or more envelope followers setup by the right bp filters each triggering a specific eq band . This is how I do sometimes in Reason . I thought it might be working(properly) in Renoise too .

I made a resonance suppressor doofer using a bunch of signal followers with narrow bands ducking eq peaks. similar sort of idea, it worked…OK.
will post it here tomorrow if anyone wants to take a look


OK, here is that resonance suppressor I mentioned:
EQ&FLT - SUPRESSOR v1.xrdp (34.2 KB)

Try it with something that has a fairly full frequency spread and tweak the macros. can create some interesting effects ranging from subtle to dramatic. I was trying to emulate something like the soothe 2 vst. But not sure how close I came, lol. It would be nice if the signal followers could track the frequency content dynamically, somehow, then use that to shift around the eq frequencies… as it is, the eq frequencies are fixed in certain bands, and the gain responds dynamically via the signal processors. Not sure how useful it is ultimately, and it chews up some cpu cycles, but kind of fun for creating underwater-type sounds, and some glitchy sounds at extreme settings (short release time)

mostly useful for softening the high mids and low highs of harsh sounds


Thank you1 :slight_smile:

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