dZ - don't mind the abyss

dz-friend.xrns (155.0 KB)

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dz-lease.xrns (167.8 KB)

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Quirky stuff. I like it, but the overall sounds is both very dry and very muddy at the same time. Needs a tiny bit of reverb even on the bass sound at the beginning (only a tiny bit, though) and some EQing/mastering on the master channel to make it sparkle a bit more.

EDIT: it is also pretty quiet. Make sure everything is mixed and compressed so that nothing peaks too high and slam a maximiser on the master channel!

dz-qvantum.xrns (3.5 MB)

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dz-cheap.xrns (2.3 MB)

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Thank you for the comment, and sorry for not replying sooner. Here’s an updated version with a loud mix. I’d appreciate your thoughts. Cheers. dz-lease-remix.xrns (172.2 KB)
in this track there’s no devices in the mixer, or automation. i did my best to write in some dynamics. it’s a first pass and i can already hear bits i want to change. i’d appreciate some feedback on dynamics and pointers to any good reads about dynamics. here’s one i found the other day: The Function of Dynamics in the Music of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven: Some Implications for the Performer - College Music Symposium

so all the bass is in there. i worked with the arrangement to not overload the low end… it sounds clear on my monitor speakers (the speakers built into my monitor), and loud but not too loud when i maximise the volume.
edit: needs more volume

Not sure if your soundcloud link track exists lhaastdaiz?

My bad. It was set to private.