E-Drums Users?

I’m waiting, in my cold cell… when the bell begins to chime…

Ok, just joking… to much Iron Maiden lately. But I’m just waiting for delivery of my first electronic drums set with USB/MIDI functionality and I wonder If anyone here uses some kind of this setup to play or record drum tracks into renoise.

Is there a simple way to assign particular note - for example C2 to single track while recording? I know that I can use multiple outputs on virtual instrument like Battery 3 or Kontakt, but only for playback - right? Is there a simple way to “chop” midi signal that comes from controller on channel 10 (GM Mode) and slice it to pieces, assigning kick/snare/hihat etx to different tracks in Renoise? Any ideas?


I own a Roland TD-20 (V-Drums series) and I also would like to be able to split MIDI input into tracks based on a notes criterium. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Renoise directly.

Something better should be possible for example using Bidule as a VST inside Renoise: Bidule can filter MIDI input, so you could assign a different MIDI channel to each MIDI note incoming, then send the filtered data to Renoise. This would allow to have a separate instrument for each drum piece. Unfortunately, you still won’t be able to assign each instrument to a different track

I have suggested adding a Samples (parts of Instrument) section to Advanced Edit and adding a Copy to the function of both Instrument and Samples sections and this would at least make it possible to select an individual sample/note, copy it to a new track and delete from the original, making separating afterwards far easier than it currently is.

Here’s the image I posted before.

And my post the original thread, which was started about dedicated instrument tracks.