E-mu Packs Dsp Power To Vst Plugins

for all E-MU soundcard owners (1212m,1820 etc.) (like me :D ) … a dream come true! hardware-DSP fx as VST plugin! … available as free update in early august!!!


Hey. Thats great news. I have the 1820m card myself.

I must say Emu/creative have made some awesome cards this time.
Still the drivers have a few minor bugs. But I’m sure they will be fixed soon.

The emu cards are highly recommanded.

some audio test results for the smaller ones


professional audio-quality and a low price… the driver are working normaly …

annoying is: a crash of you asio app maybe crashes the drives too … you must restart the system to get the sound back … but that’s all … hope that will be fixed soon … maybe in august

yes the 0404 is an awesome buy, im really happy with mine sofar…
though e-wire isnt working for me but i think powerfx will fix that :)


don’t know if i understand that right, but does that new feature allow e-mu soundcard owners to load VST fx plugins into renoise’s FX chain without stressing the PC’s CPU but the DSP on the soundcard?
can’t be like that, can it? :blink:
if so i’m off to buy such a card the other day… :rolleyes:

Yes sir! :lol:
It can be!

This make it all pretty simple. Sorry m-audio and esi. I’m going for the 1212m.

not that i don’t trust you cosmiq, but could anybody else confirm this? alexander? :D
would be a pitty if i go out to buy an e-mu card, just to realize that it doesn’t work in the way i thought it would ;)

yes indeed, i have a 0404 and with the new PowerFX you can use the onboard fx as vst and this fx processing is done by the DSP chip on the audiocard.

Although it is allready possible now with e-wire but this is somewhat complicated to setup in several apps.

This new PowerFX just makes it easier.


“And as a fully-featured VST plug-in, PowerFX provides automatic compensation for system latencies and proper synchronization of audio throughout the VST chain.”

maybe you are right - maybe not … the emu works a little bit different … who knows … more information in august ;)

Obviously you don’t… <_<

i have a creamware pulsar2, with synth and fx

and i can use these synth and fx as vsti and vst effect in cubase
(powered by the dsp of the pulsar)

So it should be possible in renoise

at the moment the e-mu cards comes with a VST plugin named E-Wire … this plugin offers the possibility to route DSP-FX from the card (normaly added to any of the 32 asio-channels = post) back to the source asio channel (or something like this) … but E-Wire works really bad on most VST/asio apps (except Cubase).

the new POWER FX plugin is like a normal VST FX but it uses the hardware dsp … i hope POWER FX is stable and works very well (not like the f****ing E-Wire)

the quality of the e-mu fx are comparable with the fx sections of good hardware-synths … not like the quality of x000$ standalone fx hardware but like FX from the latest EMU-hardware samplers.

so the POWER FX thingy will appear as a VST fx plugin in renoise, which allows me, when loaded, to open other VST fx from within which will then get routed to EMU’s internal DSP?
would make sense to me at least, but if it works that way, we’re most probably going to lose automation control over the power fx inserted VST fx, just like we do when using a VST-DX wrapper.

no … the E-MU DSP chip on the soundcard offers single core-fx like eq, comp, chorus, delay, reverb … and tons of combinations of these fx … if you don’t have the 1820,1212,0404 soundcard you are unable to use the VST plugin named “POWER FX” … the E-MU DSP chip is NOT an accelerator for other VST FX … it’s an plugin for use of the build in hardware-fx of the soundcard.

e.g. for more information www.emu.com … like this

"The E-MU 1212M features:

Mastering-grade 24-bit, 192kHz converters - the same A/D converters used in Digidesign®’s flagship Pro Tools® HD I/O Interface

Flexible connectivity with 1/4" balanced analog I/O, 24/192 ADAT I/O and 24/96 S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O plus a FireWire® port for seamless integration with your entire studio

E-DSP 32-bit Multi-effects Processor offers you over 16 simultaneous hardware-accelerated studio-grade effects with no CPU overhead - plug-in architecture allows you to add new effects as needed

32 (ASIO) Channels of zero latency Hardware Mixing/ Monitoring with super-flexible virtual patchbay - no external mixer needed"

doh… ok, now i finally got it.
i always thought, with the new software being released soon, these cards would be able to pose as some kind of an additional processing resource for any VST plugin which is available out there.

so it’s just all about the internal hardware FX which can be accessed through the VST plugin interface as soon as the new drivers are released…

so what i now wonder about is, if these DSP FX are comparable to the waves plugins series, quality-wise… if so, i’m off to buy that 0404, i guess… or is there any significant reason to go for a costier model, if i don’t need the additional connections?

no i think waves or tc have a higher quality … but for these hq-software fx uncomparable more cpu power is needed … the e-dsp fx are really good not high end … but totally ok for semi-professional use.

the main differences in the emu-series are the i/o stuff and the A/D D/A converters … all E-MU cards with a “M” (1212m or 1820m) are working with the digidesign (protools hardware) A/D D/A converters and have a dynamic range of nearly 120db … and you can listen to the difference i think ;)

i bought the 1212m included in the EmulatorX package for 299€ (great soundcard, great sounding softsampler EmulatorX and a fine package of ready to use and good quality sounds/samples)

From what I’ve managed to pick up it appears that the 0404 does not have the same converters as it’s big brothers. BUT, the audio test link Alexander provided above shows the 0404 actually scoring better than the other two.

What’s that all about?

not really right … the 0404 scoring better in frequency response a little bit (in this private test with rightmark)… but in balanced mode (balanced cables) you get the whole power of the 1212m and this beats the 0404 …

Hi Alexander

Just wondering what your pc config was in cpu, mobo, ram & hd.

I was thinking about getting the Emu X as well, what would be an ideal config for it?

Cheers :)