Early 90s Style Newage Ambient Triphop Cliche Track

not properly sequenced though, i can never be arsed to use the patturn sequencer, instead it’s just a loop and some mute/solo toggling live action :P


now relax! :)

got some nice djshadow vibe going on, later on it turned into something more exotic, yeah chilling to this. good stuff (considering it’s a live jam) tho i wished for a tiny bit more variations (mostly in the drums), but lovely as is.

good one
if i can drop advices: you should break its monotonity, give some proper eq to the drums (this notch-like thing just destroys the image imho) and forget the left-right pan on the drums, give less stereospread+volume to the basses, give it some wind instruments, some scratches and you are free to aim ninjatune :D keep it up, neat one

(and For God’s Sake, when will this overused amazonas flute-sample be deleted from existence?? :D)

Nice mood-song, nice background music actually.
I would be able to sleep on it in a positive way, or nice to wake up to on sunday morning.