Easier Lfo Automation and Mapping

I was watching a lot of Bitwig videos yesterday and thinking…
It has lovely modulation. Any lfo (internal in synth or external modulator) can be assigned to any parameter (internal or vst, doesnt mind) etc.

Renoise lfo can be assigned just to one parameter (without hydra) but why not to make same solution as with macros? Just select lfo (or keytracker, any modulator), press some special button and assignable parameters (can be more than one i suppose) would get red and you assign them by clicking on it(it can be sometimes more handy than text selection, sometimes not).
Or at least Hydra should work like this, NOT JUST MACROS.
So, next to the mentioned modulation possibilities, also this should be upgraded imho.

What is the biggest strenght of Renoise right now is a pattern editor (would you use Renoise if Bitwig was a tracker? ;) and weird mathematical instrument envelopes that i can not replicate in any other software easily :-).
In the past years, internal modulation was one of the biggest strenght of renoise but now a lot of daws are concentrating on this and Renoise is going weaker a little at it. I´ve found it somehow frustrating :(.
It is great that Renoise wanna be unique (and is, mainly thx to the new instruments. Btw doofer in/and out would make it huge modulation monster again) but i think that same DAW functions and trends (freezing, assignable loop points, bigger polyphony) should be integrated before these original functions because when you work comfortably, it influences your sound. And you dont have to think about that every other daw have these functions (don´t tell yourself: lets develop Redux and other daw will compensate this non-existing functions…) :-).

I am not promoting Bitwig i am just mentioning it because i´ve found it best example how internal modulation should work. Watch it for inspiration maybe…

(sorry for my horrible english, my thoughts just needed go out…)