Easier way of renaming instruments - why not just doubleclick!?


Why isn’t it possible to rename an instrument in the Instrument Box by just double-clicking on the name of the instrument? It’s very cumbersome to first focus on the instrument box and then press cmd+R to rename an instrument. Also it’s not in line with the rest of the program, like the pattern editor: it’s just double-clicking on the track name to rename the track. Hope it’s an easy fix.


Because double-clicking already opens the instrument’s editor, which very likely is used way more often than renaming, especially for plugin instruments.


But could be such a slow double-clicking?


OK, understood.
But naming an instrument is quite a vital operation itself right? It’s one of the first things I do when creating a new instrument. Especially with many instruments it should be accessed easily. It now feels too much of a hassle imho, also when compared to similar functionality in Renoise and also outside Renoise (OS-wide or in other programs).

Maybe there could be an extra place for the instrument name in the instrument editor, as an editable field (click or double-click to name it)? That would also make things more clear.

Here’s a quick mockup, with the instrument field colored red in the editor:


Hope it makes sense.

pressing two keys once for every rename action is too much of a hassle instead of performing a double-click with a pointing device?
and i always thought the big plus of renoise compared to any other DAW is that you can stay away from the damn mouse for most of the time.

out of curiosity: how much time do you think you spend renaming instruments in your average project in renoise’s current state and how much time do you think you could save if it was changed in your favor?

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I think it is more about that the brain doesn’t like special cases, if the OS renaming works with a slow double-click, it is convenient if it works the same in Renoise. But ok, writing so many words for such a little thing already is a waste of lifetime :laughing:


In fact I’m also more of a keyboard fan than a mouse clicker. So if there would be a single keyboard shortcut to rename an instrument that always works, that would be fine for me… but now I first have to grab that mouse to focus on the instrument box, only then I can use the cmd+R shortcut to rename the instrument (cmd+R is not a global shortcut). Is there another way?

Also, what ffx notes is also true - one expect to see a logic in the UI that works throughout the program. If double-clicking on the track to rename it works like, i’d expect to do it the same with for example an instrument.

If you use alt/option-tab to focus the instruments list, you don’t have to grab the mouse at all.

when being in pattern editor, default keys:

  • hold cmd + hit tab 3x
  • nav with arrow up/dwn (or numpad 1-9)
  • cmd+R to rename

alternative with custom keys:

  • shift+Numpad, (to focus Ins Box)
  • nav with arrow up/dwn
  • cmd+R to rename

optional: return to pattern editor with Numpad,

(“Numpad,” is unused by default)

no mouse used + takes less than a sec to start the rename.

Thanks! That works quite OK.

Good one. I’m gonna add a custom key with the numpad, to make it working globally.
Thanks for the effort!