Easiest Way To Split Pattern? & Bonus Q: How To "Squeeze"

Hi, I’m in the last throes of tweaking a track and tightening up it’s progression/arrangement. The track features 64, 128, 256 and 512 row patterns, and I was just wondering, how would I go about splitting a 512 row pattern into two 256 note patterns? Should some 2.7-compliant script be used, or can this be done natively? (I of course don’t mean making two copies of the same pattern, and then select+copying (in the second pattern copy) from 256 row downwards and pasting it from 0 row downwards and then changing both pattern lengths to 256 - i.e. how to do this without doing this ;) )

Bonus question: If I have a 256 or 512 row pattern with Automation, how do I squeeze/shrink the Automation volume change of a 512 row pattern to contain the same amount of automation-dots but in 256? Will this eventually be possible?

The only way I know is the pattern split script…is it working with 2.7 yet? I hope it gets updated.

I did the manifest.xml switch from 1.0 to 2.0 and while it did split a 512 row pattern to 4 128 row patterns on my request, Renoise told me that the script has become unresponsive and should be terminated. At first I clicked OK and then Cancel, and it gave a nice error and then showed me a 512 row pattern split to four 128 row patterns, which I promptly Undo’d out of immediately. Don’t like feeling panicky and unsure of whether it worked or not, I’m sure you know what I mean

I thought there was a Split option for patterns but seems there’s only a Join… Think the script mentioned above is the only way then.

Does Expand/Shrink help you at all?


Nope, sorry, Expand/Shrink is only available for Pattern Editor’s Selected data, not Automation.

Lies! Use Whole Pattern selection, draw a Automation Curve, click Expand/Shrink and want the Automation grow and shrink as you press the buttons. If I had any screengrab/movie-making software I would show you but I don’t…

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How do you use it to only affect Automation, instead of the whole pattern ;)

Content Mask. Deselect all but Automation. Then Expand/Shrink the pattern using Whole Pattern, reset size by typing in the length and Renoise will remember any data that had been pushed off the end (works for Expand and Shrink.)

Although it’s even easier for shortening (Shrink.) Use Track In Pattern, only Automation selection, and your Automation will be halved but the Pattern will remain at the original length (as you are not telling it to affect note etc data. This will obviously put it all in the first half of the pattern.

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