Easily Embarrassed Ep On Soundmute Recordings Soon!

It has been over a year now since we’ve released the Idyllic Life album, but we’ve been quite active during this time. We’ve been working on several projects including our next album that is nearly finished. We agreed with Soundmute Recordings to release an EP of our work between Idyllic Life and our next material. The EP is called: “Through the Galaxy” and has been written with a space environment in mind. It will be released on Soundmute Recordings in May.

This EP is entirely produced in Renoise (which counts for all of our work of course, doh).
Thanks Renoise! :w00t:

For previews go to www.soundmute-recordings.com


Nick, Easily Embarrassed


Congratulations guys!!

Oh, it’s SounDmute-recordings ;)

Ah yes, fixed it, thank you ^_^