Easily Embarrassed - Tales Of The Coinspinner (Out Now!)

Hi guys!

Our 3rd album “Tales of the Coin Spinner” is out now!

Artwork by Alvin Hew

You can stream the album for free on our SoundCloud page, or you can get more info on where to buy it following this link. :walkman:

Thank you Renoise for letting us make this music!



My bad for breaking the Soundcloud player :(

Fixed here:


  1. First of all, even if it’s not a musical consideration, I like the teaser/countdown promo strategy. ;)

  2. This is what I needed tonight.

  • Intro : perfect.
  • cool groove, sub-bass line, and background fx / reverse cymbals/white noise
  • I really like the progressive acidified touch you gave to your bassline on the top of your sub-bass.
  • and there’s a clever and nifty usage of whispers, mouth noises
  • I really liked the lead at 3:32, with the glide, it’s my kind of lead.
  1. the mixing is perfect, stereo balance between instruments/sounds, depth management, the delayed warm reverb control, the final lead presence

Hats off, it’s more than just satisfaying, it’s a true promising work

Thanks for great comment Kurtz :) Happy to hear!

nice stuff guys, love the artwork, now i want moarrrrr o0

Where is the artwork from? It’s really beautiful.

For artwork we used the talents of this guy : http://alvinhew.blogspot.com

It really was a great fit with what we had in mind.

If you like, check his youtube channel too. It’s amazing how he puts his art together!

Thanks for the feedback!

As promised, here’s a new tune from our upcoming album ‘Tales of the Coin Spinner’!


Enjoy! :yeah:

Easily Embarrassed celebrates their 5th anniversary today! Yay! :walkman:

I like the sound quality of the choirs, mixed with the “lofimat drumkit”, good idea. Very good job, especially with the synths, between 2:51 and 4:30, sounds cool.

Yeah i noticed it, i got a hyves notification about it. (With links to toy shops as yeah, what present should you give tyo a five year old :P)
But congrats… going for the next lustrum to fill a decade ;)

3rd track in the Tales of the Coin Spinner release countdown. Tune in for a new story next week!


We hope you like! :)

Hehe cool. Ferrari steering wheel that makes driving sounds when you hit the buttons, please! :P

:w00t: :walkman: :w00t:

a good intro like that is often the sign of a good track
wow the bassline I like it, this is simple but really addictive
hats off for the mix, breaks, and all the dozens of fx injected in the song
highly replayable

Thanks for all the feedback Kurtz! We appreciate it very much :lol:

This week’s track is now online; Moon People


Once again a high quality track here. You’ve got the trick to make good intros, the clean guitar, the pads, and energy that grows in the music… The song itself is very relaxing, maybe could it be used for a soundtrack of… a movie about space exploration ? (nasa, hubble, new spaceships something like that, I got visions about that when playing the track). The female vocal sample is perfectly introduced and then, perfectly mixed with background choirs. I particularly like the harmonic choices between 3:27 and 4:20.

And another review is published! B)


New track online; The Old Ways!


The release is next week! On that day, all remaining tracks will be put available on our SoundCloud page :)

hey Void Pointer good new I’ll buy the album on Amazon next week. This is a true inspiring & never boring electronic music project you’ve got here, a lot of sound research, each track is perfectly mixed. I’ve played each track you’ve promoted here for now, and you’re never stuck in your own style, you’re able to constantly renew curiosity and expectations for the next track.

Realtime review:
0:00, I’ve found a new reference for electronic music intros, you should give lessons, teach, make tutorials about it, I don’t know, that’s your strength, you’ve got a gift…
1:55, wow very good groovy acidfunk main bass, and I don’t speak about the sequence on the top of it, simply powerfull.
3:02, fantastic eerie sine, you’ve got an excellent “pitch control” on it
3:55, that’s it, your bassline is round, maybe too “round”, and adding that groovy “acidification” in it, was the key, the right solution, it’s perfectly performed
4:01, this is what I call “sound fx research”, there’s a very unusual but smart usage of super small modulated delays on your eerie sinewave, it’s like… rainbow bubbles ?
6:57, and after a good intro, a cool outro, with the final heartbeat…
7:30 and I realise that I’ve listened a 7:39mn track without saying to myself :" it’s too long…".
:walkman: | :walkman: | :walkman:

Thank you again Kurtz, for the wonderful feedback! I might have to add that this is not 100% my own work, since Easily Embarrassed consists out of 3 people :)

Congrats to you and your 2 partners ! You perfectly used all of your respective hardware, skills and musical talent to produce a very very good music. I hope that it will receive the massive positive feedback it deserves on the global scene.