Easily Get Dsp Chains Out Of Saved Songs

When we press the ‘plus’-button in front of a certain track in the Song-tab, we only get to see the samples you’ve used.
But wouldn’t it be nice if you could directly check device chains you’ve used in a track…and in that way get them easily in a new track.

Maybe even the instrument-data, so that you could directly get e.g. the VSTi parameter data out of a certain track, etc…

Let me hear what you think. :)
And excuse me if it has been suggested already (which it probably has).

Could be nice, could be messy. Thing is samples are actually separate files, DSP chains etc are different sections of the same XML song data so you would need an XML parser to do this, or completely change the structure of XRNS and have multiple XML files zipped together.


Instead of splitting the XML file up, could this be something written into the file browser itself?

I love reusing stuff I work up, and I seriously ‘Always’ want to add tracks & dsp chains into new songs.