Easy Listening

Easy Listening, for the lack of a better name, is a song that for some reason reminds me somewhat of jazz fusion. The instruments certainly are not, maybe it’s the arrangement. Makes me think of “Al Di Meola”. Perhaps something from his early album elegant gypsie.

I wish I was crafty enough to make VSTs sound like traditional instruments. I would like to add an element that sounds like free jazz and improvised.

I ended up slicing up a bit of Herb Albert thinking I could get an oldschool jazz sound, but I scrapped the idea and couldn’t do much with the instruments. I like the mood. Reminds me of some 70s funky shit or something.


Added more variation to it and is a bit longer.

Has a pretty mellow feel to it I think.

My transitions into some of the sections is just total shite. Trying to work on that. And will be layering the drums more I think. I don’t want to over complicate it and make it too much of a mess.

extra drum layers + warp the hell out of all your sounds; more and more so as the track progresses + some extra background tunes/ambient bits and you’ve got yourself somethinig pretty sweet, is my innitial interpretation…

I like the melodys and that beat, pretty nice so far, edit the strings part, so that they have a bigger sustain/ release phase, so that they glue better together. Personally i don’t like the piano sound, that may be a matter of taste, i would try to find a synth sound for that. I would also reintroduce the intro melody part, which i liked a lot.


Beatslaughter -

I ended up totally ditching the strings that I had. I liked them a lot, but they were samples.

I changed the strings to a certain VST, not sure for better or worse. Tell me if it’s an improvement.

I also changed the piano to something more synthy. There were two tracks with piano that were both changed so it definitely sounds much different now. I didn’t think I would like it using a synth sound, but I am enjoying it.

Let me know if it sounds too cheesey with these sounds.

I originally went with the piano because I was feeling kinda jazzy and I wanted to use some traditional sounding instruments, but I do like the electronic feel.

I just noticed @ 3:00 minutes there is a phuck up in synth so I will have to play with that.

One of the sounds is from some atari sound emulator so if it’s sounds familiar you will know why.

I will play with reintroducing the beginning synth section.

Did I choose cheesey instruments? Anyone? ;)

Alexstrain - I will add more variation to the drums and see if I can progressively get it to sound pretty damn nasty.

Thank you both very much for the recommendations which will be implemented and most importantly your kind words!

It’s appreciated :yeah:

The strings are still sounding a bit odd, everytime a string starts it seems to cut the note before, raise the release a bit more. Maybe it’s my personal taste. :)

Ah, and i don’t like the piano, don’t worry about this. :P

Ah I never posted the link. No wonder you still do not like the piano.

Re-read my follow-up and then listen to this.

You must have been like “WHAT CHANGES?”

Sorry ;0

Oh reintroduced the beginning and added another little section.

About 8 minutes now and close to being done if not done.


Ah well, sounds better now. :)

I like that high lead, also the reintroduction of the intro part, but i think there is still room for some weird drum beat variations as climax.

I have to do a bit more with the drums.

I was just messing around with it last night and was falling asleep while composing.

You know how hazardous that can be.

I also like the lead! I was hoping I was not the only one. It’s some sound from Atari YMvst.

Really wild looking little VST. I like the control piano of it.

I still have to play with the drums some more. Alex said it should be nastier.

I will keep you both posted,


ey this can be a great great song. Melodies and beatprogramming is just great. Also you choice of sounds.

but the way it is mastered now makes it sound like a weak and thinny nintendo song.
Maybe use t-racks to transform the song a powerfull heavy breakbeat anthem. Boost the lows, add warmth and saturate like mad.

Anything else out there that is comparable to t-racks for less money or free even?

I hear what you mean about it sounding thin…