Easy sample stretch/pitch shift technique with phrases! (video)

Here’s a nice little trick that might come in handy:

Yep, oldschool offset stretching is great for that metallic grainy feel.

Used to make a few patterns at the start of a song specifically to make these kind of sounds, make a selection in the pattern editor and render the sound to a new sample instrument. Through automating the speed with pattern commands or the bpm/lpb envelopes in the master channel you can also do nice tricks, gradually slowing down or speeding up the triggered offsets, variate pitch and pan positions for even more granular vibes.

Once made a tool suggestion thread for easy setting up such offset stretching, maybe more relevant now that we have phrases? ;


This is so easy to set up that i don’t really need a tool for it, i have the phrase saved and just use it whenever i need it.

You can make other cool effects with the Axx, Vxx, Txx, Bxx, Uxx and Dxx pattern effects. Backwards is awesome, it suddenly sounds all evil german. :stuck_out_tongue: