Easy Sidechain/ducking Automated Fx

link to 144k rns pattern

As the title says. Here’s a single pattern that uses a send, a gainer, and a lfo to simulate “ducking” or a “pumping bassline”

The idea is to send track(s) that you would like to be ducked to a send channel, then stick a gainer and a lfo on the send channel. Set the amplitude of the lfo to 100, offset to 75, and frequency to half of your tick count. Have it trigger the gainer, and off you go.

You may need to add a gainer after the lfo to bring the volume back down to acceptable levels

If you watch the lfo you’ll see that everytime the bass kick hits, the gainer drops low. The key here is the frequency being set to 1/2 the tick count.

Although this only seems to work properly at Speed 3 and sometimes the lfo “reverses” itself on playback.


This is very useful!

Here is some reading stuff about this topic.


Only works if you’re doing steady 4/4 though doesn’t it :P