Easy Suggestion For Awesome Recording Feature

I love the new recording feature. I love the fact that it has the ability to start recording on pattern loop. I wish that there were another checkbox “split recording” when selected it would split the recording into multiple samples based on pattern starts. If I recorded a 3minute track it would chop it up into managable one pattern loops.

count me in.

I agree cutting down 3 minute samples is a real pain, maybe when the sync recording gos back to the start of the loop it could start recording in the next available instrument/sample slot. I would also like to see a finer value on the recording latency compensation so instead of being able to enter 5 I could enter 5.39.

I agree! Good ideas!

As a workaround, you could render the track and enable the pattern split checkbox.

i like the automatically start new sample on next pattern feature idea too. then you could pretrack unfilled samples and have renoise autoloop what you record. would be fun for guitar/bass soup live sets (even if there is a one pattern delay while the sample is prepped for playback).

I didn’t even think about that workaround. That will make my life so much easier.

What is, IMHO, most useful of this suggestion is that you can have then several ‘takes’ in separate samples.
You record along and then you choose which take(s) you like most. You can delete the rest.

Actually, that could lead to another feature. :)
For example, you have many takes and want to keep just one. There could be, in the right click menu, an option to “keep only this sample in the instrument”.
And/or maybe a way to select many of them and delete all the rest. But even just for one would be ok, IMO.

I reckon markers on the pattern lines would be handier. Then you’ve got the option of cutting it up later on. Also good for reference.

Both splitting and markers was mentioned and discussed a bit in the alphas, but did not make it this time.
But who knows what taktik can do in a mad moment ;)
But I would not hold my breath so late in the beta testing.
So this must be something for a later version of renoise I guess.