Easy To Implement Zoom?

I sometimes feel the need to be able to zoom out more, and after reading the trackgroup thread I thought that it should be easy to implement a zoom out by creating a smaller pattern font!

(The functionallity seam to allready be there, just try to change between big and small pattern font).

The smallest pattern font now is 6x7, it is possible and easy to also make a pattern font that is only 3x5 (because there is no M or W or q in the patternfont :)).

Then we would have three different fontsizes, the only thing that is needed then is a shortcut for swapping between the fontsizes.

A good one would be alt or shift+mousewheel.

Ofcourse if there someday is a “real” zoom, the shortcut could be used by that zoom instead. But untill that day I think this would be very nice to have.

yes… a zoom in/out function would be a great improvement…

YAY… I JUST MADE POST NR 100 !! i’m a big boy now