Easy Way To Create Xrni From Multisampled Instruments

(Moophy) #1

Hello happy Renoise users,
I’ve developed a tool that builds XRNI files directly from samples and does the keyboard mapping automatically.
For example, if you’ve got an “elecpiano” samples like that :
elecpiano C1.wav
elecpiano D2.wav
elecpiano E3.wav

my tool will turn all the samples into a elecpiano.xrni instrument with correct mapping of samples on the keyboard.

It’s called “TomatE”, it’s free, and you can find it on my homepage.

Regards, Moophy :walkman:

Oops! I forgot to say that it’s coded in Java, it will work on any system (that support java).
You can find Windows and OS X “nativized” version too.


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(planetm) #2

Excellent, I look forward to trying this when I get home later today.

(planetm) #3

I just checked this out with a multi sampled instrument from a magazine cover disc. Every month I get them and think “i should build these into an xrni”, but I never do. It worked on the first attempt and seems to have allocated all the samples correctly. I’ll definitely be getting some use from this.

Thanks! :)

Edited to add: I used it on Linux.

(Moophy) #4

I’m happy that you find this tool usefull.
If you detect some bugs or typos, don’t hesitate to leave me a message.
All features suggestions are also welcome :)

(s-n-s) #5

i just tried this,but where does it save the XRNI file??in the log it says scanning,and found the samples,but where does it save the XRNI??

(jayjayevans) #6

nice thanks

(Moophy) #7

Hello everybody.

I’ve just put Tomate sources on Bitbucket. Maybe it will generate interest for someone, at least I hope :slight_smile:
Here is the URL : https://bitbucket.org/fkhannouf/tomate

Moophy :walkman:

(James Britt / Neurogami) #8

Thank you for this. Are there any build instructions?

How can I compile this without having to install netbeans?

(Cas) #9

I’ve made a similar thing that works inside renoise (xrnx) - see github.com/casmarrav/renoise-tools/tree/master/nl.jeweett.InstrMapper.xrnx - czech it out