Easy Way To Create Xrni From Multisampled Instruments

Hello happy Renoise users,
I’ve developed a tool that builds XRNI files directly from samples and does the keyboard mapping automatically.
For example, if you’ve got an “elecpiano” samples like that :
elecpiano C1.wav
elecpiano D2.wav
elecpiano E3.wav

my tool will turn all the samples into a elecpiano.xrni instrument with correct mapping of samples on the keyboard.

It’s called “TomatE”, it’s free, and you can find it on my homepage.

Regards, Moophy :walkman:

Oops! I forgot to say that it’s coded in Java, it will work on any system (that support java).
You can find Windows and OS X “nativized” version too.


Excellent, I look forward to trying this when I get home later today.

I just checked this out with a multi sampled instrument from a magazine cover disc. Every month I get them and think “i should build these into an xrni”, but I never do. It worked on the first attempt and seems to have allocated all the samples correctly. I’ll definitely be getting some use from this.

Thanks! :)

Edited to add: I used it on Linux.

I’m happy that you find this tool usefull.
If you detect some bugs or typos, don’t hesitate to leave me a message.
All features suggestions are also welcome :)

i just tried this,but where does it save the XRNI file??in the log it says scanning,and found the samples,but where does it save the XRNI??

nice thanks

Hello everybody.

I’ve just put Tomate sources on Bitbucket. Maybe it will generate interest for someone, at least I hope :slight_smile:
Here is the URL : https://bitbucket.org/fkhannouf/tomate

Moophy :walkman:

Thank you for this. Are there any build instructions?

How can I compile this without having to install netbeans?

I’ve made a similar thing that works inside renoise (xrnx) - see github.com/casmarrav/renoise-tools/tree/master/nl.jeweett.InstrMapper.xrnx - czech it out

does your tool still work ?

Using the old Java Runtime 6 on my Macbook (mojave), it’s still working fine :slight_smile:

i have windows is there a short tutorial included ? so i gotta install java runtime first ? cheers

Yes, you have to. It was developed using the JRE6. It’s old, but this is the version that should work flawlessly.
If you try a more recent one, it may work, but I can’t ensure that.

how do you install ? and use it thanks you so much mate

Run the jar file you can download here : https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0G7Sy5wtzh_8alQ1RDML-1Flw#TomatE

Using it should be straightforward :slight_smile:

@moophy thanks so much mate this is sick and proper easy for a dumbass like me thanks pal

You’re welcome, happy to hear it’s working for you ! Have fun :slight_smile:

it isnt working with some folders of samples but its working with some so good enough

thank u