Eavesdropping On The Music Of The Brain

Kinda interesting study.


The rhythms probably have more to do with the resolution of the scanner than anything

yeh, but still nice to get a new controller ;D

Tweaking the knob for intensity. mehehehe

this kind of “studies” reminds me of the “studies” made by people looking for “the music of the Universe”: you can map any data to frequency and amplitude and then obtain music, but this doesn’t mean in any way that the result is “the music of the brain” or “the music of the Universe” or “the music of whatelse”.

i think the interesting thing is that sound is used to “uncover patterns of activity that couldn’t be detected by the eye alone” i.e anothyer way to make sense of complex data.

don’t think that the original researchers set out to make a music composition of the brain. that’s just the title the science program gave it

Leave the schizos alone! Did you know that you can detect schizophrenia with an astonishing success rate automatically by analyzing the movement patterns of a person on CCTV cameras? I tell you, they’re trying to get me. Thank god for DVD’s, so I can learn and imitate the movement patterns of normal people. But I digress.

Why don’t we invent algorithms that detect stuff like

– being a hired killer
– being a corrupt politician
– having no qualms about using extreme violence as long as any authority commands it
– etc.


I bet you that would be possible, at or that least interesting insights would be made if we seriously started to play around with issues like this… but it’s just not wanted. Not seriously.

Yeah, cure Parkinson, detect bone cancer, make funny brain music… it means fuck all if you ask me. And most of the voices in my head agree! So there.

We should invent time-machines so we can send you home ;)

YAY! But will you be able to invent it in time?

Anyone ever tried a good long session of brainwave synchronization?
All it takes is Cool Edit and a couple of headphones!

i used to listen a lot to the Brainwaves stuff, which uses the hemisync principle (ie have a really low frequency come out of the difference of two higher freqs and some white noise), so the normal frequency of your brain starts to resonate with the freq you listen to. it usually meant i fell asleep after listening to it for ten minutes. very pleasant sort of powernap . i should do it again sometime.

binaural beats most meditative music :)

this is true, i saw this already. the idea was more to use it as a means of useful interpretation.

if you’re looking for the sound of the universe, you can hear it right now ^_^

This is a visual way of interpreting scientific data…check out the BRAIN bit.