Echo Indigo I/o And Renoise 1.8 Rc2

Hello, a ways back I had issues using this audio card with Renoise 1.5. I couldn’t get any audio out even though the card worked fine with every other audio app and system sounds. Someone here figured out it had something to do with the MS Wavetable (I think). From what I recall the wavetable somehow wouldn’t allow the echo’s output to come through. I want to say it was because of the virtual outs of the card. I was given some code to put in “application data” folder that would disable the MS Wavetable and it worked great. I’m trying to find if anyone here remembers this and the code. I’m really sorry if this sounds vague but I haven’t had to deal with this for quite some time.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

this should be it

strange, I use an echo indigo i/o , and never had to change anything for it to work properly in 1.5 or 1.8.

Thanks 'Alien that brought me to one thread but there was another with the actual code. I’ll keep looking…

Thanks again,

Just in case you didnt found it:

Thanks taktik but no luck. It’s not working. I’m at a loss. I am using the latest 1.8 RC2. I don’t, there’s no audio and the system sounds come out distorted when renoise is running…


Sorry if this is patronising.

Have you checked the Echo Indigo software mixer. the driver has an annoying habit of jumping asio channel sets. sometimes it choses 1/2 sometimes 3/4 with no warning. If 3/4 is muted, and the driver has juped to that, you will have no sound. Check it out and then post back here.

Thanks, I’ll give that try later on today post back, and it’s okay I don’t find it patronising. I just want it to work as it should. I also find it puzzling that it’s this much of a hassle to get the card to work with Renoise. I’ve never had issues with any other audio interface and Renoise. Then again I’ve never had any issues using the indigo with any other app either.