Echo Indigo Iox (expresscard Audio Interface)

I bought one of these earlier this week. Have given it a good test, and in my humble opinion it’s a quality bit of kit. Couldn’t see any other posts relating to this device, so thought I would give you my view in case you were thinking of buying one.

It only has a 1/8" stereo line in and out, so it’s not the best spec interface out there! But it offers all the connections I need.

The sound is first rate. Having a physical volume control on the top is a real bonus. And the console application that comes with it has 8 virtual outputs meaning you can run multiple applications at once.

My only criticism is that it isn’t 100% secure in the expresscard slot. It doesn’t need a huge tug to pull it out, which would be a disaster mid-gig.

But I’m sure I’ll work around that. It’s also great, on a laptop with only three USB ports, to have one of them back now I’ve lost my USB audio interface!

great to hear that. all ECHOs interfaces i used are top notch quality.