Edirol Orchestra Doesn't Save Settings In Renoise?

I’ve started using Edirol Personal Orchestra which I think is a fantastic VST but one extremely cumbersome aspect of it is that it doesn’t save my settings after a session. Every time I reload the song it’s back to default settings. The only way to save settings is through the VST itself at the moment by hitting the System button and saving the performance, then reloading the performance each time. This can get a little tiresome if you have lots of instances of Edirol open in the same track.

So is there any way for Renoise to save the Edirol settings automatically when you save the song, and then of course reload them automatically the next time you open the song? I mean via some sort of script or something, or some modification that could be applied?

as far as I remember, this is a known bug in Edirol Orchestra:

see here

apparently, they never fixed it.

I strongly suggest yo to find an alternative such as Garritan Personal Orchestra

You’re better off just finding a different plugin. Edirol Orchestral is damn near 15 years old, full of bugs, and sounds terrible compared to anything released in the last 5 years.

But if you bought it there is hardly better free alternative isnt it?

There’s some pretty ok alternatives out there.


Pretty good set of soundfonts there.

This is a larger pack of wildly varying quality. Good for less prominent instruments not found in Sonatina.