Edirol Orchestral Vst And

Hello guys,

I have a question regarding this example:

  • I open Edirol Orchestral VST that has 16 different channels [groups of samples that can be controlled once in a time]:
  • Flute group [each flute sample and others can be selected from here]
  • Oboe group
  • Clarinet group
  • Violins
  • Cello
  • Contrabass section
  • Harp

Is there any chance I can open ONE Edirol Orchestra [to save memory] and then play with, for example, 5 different samples / channels on the same time? From VST instrument properties I can select just one Channel-01.

Have you tried a plugin alias ?

Yes! That exactly I do need! But, after playing around - I couldn`t see aliases. I miss something in my steps.

What will be exact steps to open alias in instrument 02 [when I have opened Edirol at instrument slot 01]?

When I go and change channels, I will hear different samples, which is good. But if I go to empty sample slot - whole plugin will dissapear and I can`t even start it, neither set it up…?

Go to Instrument Settings -> VST Instrument Properties -> Instrument and open up Edirol Orchestral VST.

Go to an empty Instrument Slot, then go to Instrument Settings -> VST Instrument Properties -> Instrument. There should be “VST alias” with the name of whatever VST you have open. Enable that. There you can change channels.

Edit: you can use an alias for some effects if the effect has that option.

Thank you very very much!!! It works perfectly!!!
I didn’t even see there is Alias sub-menu from instrument’s drop-down menu!
All best.