Edirol Pcr-30

Hello yesterday i bought a midi keyboard theEdirol PCR-30
Great thing, you can assingn rotary knobs an d faders to synths an DSP’s .

My question is if it also works within renoise. For example in Cubase i can start,stop the sequencer is this also possible in renoise??

Does anyone else has this midi-keyboard, and knows cool stuff to do with it please let me know

Thanks in advance,


No, that’s not possible. In Renoise only sliders can be controlled via keyboard sliders/knobs/pitch bend. This is done with the Remote Mapper located to the right. Look in the manual for more details…

If you don’t use the Remote Mapper, sliders changes will be recorded as MIDI controllers into the effect row if edit is on. If you use it the slider changes will be recorded as automation instead. On most VSTis you can also change patch with the program change buttons, but the program name is not updated in Renoise it seems…

Hope this helped :)


Will this feature be added in the future?? developpers??,


yep. B)


Next release???

1 year??

2 year??


This is obiously a FAQ candidate:

Q: “When will feature X be added?”
A1: “Just wait and see.”
or A2: “When we decide to implement it”.

I think it should be obvious by now (for anyone who
actually reads post at this forum) that we DO NOT answer
such questions. If we have a statement about an upcoming
feature, we’ll tell you all.

Ok sorry!!!

JR ;)

If we have a statement about an upcoming
feature, we’ll tell you all

So i won’t be added soon, because if it would be added you would have made a statement about it ;)

Got any tips ???

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Btw, try to think about other uses for such a controller. We want to expand the possibilites here, so new ideas are welcome.

@ dufey:

I have a question i want to remove the velocity. I tried it the way the manual discribes it but it doesn’t work. Do you know how to set it OFF.

Thanks in advance,