Edirol Super Quartet

I’m using Edirol Super Quartet and for some reason I can’t figure out why my guitar sounds will automatically bend or slide up? I see that their is a bend range, but even with the knob on zero, my guitar notes i input have an automatic slide to them. Does anyone know what I do to have it play the solid notes?
Thank you.

when i recall right from using that plugin, they will always bend when played with high velocity.
try lowering the volume of the respective note entries.

Ah ha! Thank you from my heart! Interesting anything 75 and over in the volume column will activate this slidey bendy effect.
I can imagine people asking me “you have it all, nice wife a cat and a couple of guitars to do your own recordings, why edirol guitars?” and explain yes, but that’s a trick, I do record my real guitar playing, but blend in edirol guitar and play special trick to your ears when adding important notes. The demonstrations of edirol acoustic guitar sound artificial to expert ear, but wow! Even on own you can find tricks to pass them off in mix.