EDIROL UA-25 Settings

At the moment I am using Renoise with my Edirol UA-25 and have chosen ASIO as device type in the audio preferences.

I am experiencing some clicks even though CPU seems low, am I using the wrong setting?


Have you tried increasing the latency?

Yeah I have tried a few settings.

I was just curious if the config seemed odd.

Used to use one of those on a spare laptop until recently, just open the ASIO driver’s panel in Renoise prefs and push the latency slider in the middle further right a notch or two. Also, it had a lot of problems at 96kHz, which you don’t really need anyway, using it at the 44.1kHz setting was fine. These are also known for causing rhythmic CPU spiking (actually it’s probably Microsoft’s USB driver interacting with it that causes it), you can see it in Sysinternal’s Process Explorer if you right-click Interrupts at the top and look at the resource graph in that window. I spent a couple days trying to resolve that and there is no fix for it except to up the latency. So if you’re hearing clicks and such every 15-20 seconds or so, that’s likely your problem.

Thanks for that :smiley: