Edit = adding a brand new synth pop track to this thread

New track… Kind of a demo… I’m tired, and have to work tomorow… so I am just doing as quick edit and linking… original post is below…

Cheers everybody :slight_smile:


Its not nearly as sharp, spacey, or groovy as I want it… On a positive note, it does have the right amount of, “aggravating disturbance.” ( Edit = in terms of, “paint off the walls, kind of vibe.” )


At this point, I am afraid I am just guessing with these mixes, cause I can’t think of any real, “ground rules,” I should be following to get these sounds. Actually, a lot of these production techniques are probably, “wrong, and inappropriate.” Things are squashed or, “ran over with a twenty ton truck,” and everything is low passed, like perhaps the bass is a little too high up off the floor here… and I am searching for a correct filth for the drums…

All I know is, “its not quite where I want it yet.” But its 100% Renoise = Other side of the wall

Cheers, and thanks for the listens