Edit Automation Button

greets to all & programmers :]

can u plz include [AUTOMATE] button in VSTi propertis window?

for example, clicking that button would automaticly go for “Track DSPs” tab, select “VSTiAutomateDevice” from metadevices and will open its automation device for that VSTi.

this will increase speed in working with renoise?

And what if you have more VSTIAutomate devices for that particular VSTI? (Like in case you want to automate more than 14 parameters for the same VSTI is only solvable by using two of those meta devices for it)

Which one should Renoise pick?

hm, I dont know about this but I suggested that "Automate" button would just be a shortcut button for these several clicks I have to perform in case I would like to add automation for vsti Im playing with…

I never use the automation tab, I just control the VSTi Automate device with pattern data…

Tip: It would be worth to use automation in NE if you want to perform the changes in smoother transitions as automation does this in NE, on tick-base as well.