Edit column values by using scrollwheel + modifier (alt)

Hi, i just came across a thought - it would be awesome if one could select/hover over delay column and use scroll wheel + modifier (alt for example) and just scroll delay values…

same would apply for other columns (vol, pan, fx perhaps)

I consider scroll-wheel to be very fast and precise when it comes down to workflow, as using keyboard for cycling values should not be optimal (because one keystroke would represent one increment of values: +1, another keystroke for +20 or -20… etc…)

What are your thoughts on this?


while waiting for Renoise to have this, you could use a macro tool like Keyboard Maestro to modify how the scrollwheel with alt works while Renoise is focused. i hope this gives you some ideas, hopefully:)

for instange Logitech G502 mouse configuration app allows for changing what the scrollwheel sends out, so it might be possible to tweak it.

but, question, would a few midisliders help you with this? if one set vol, one set pan, one set fx values?

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