Edit Cursor Centering

Really loving the new Renoise, looks great!

New layout is just awesome and super streamlined.

However I was semi hoping to see the capability to switch the automatic centering off, so the pattern editor does not jump up and down each time the cursor position is changed. Imaging how annoying that would be if Excel doing that?

Anyway, noone really promised to have it in the new version but would that really be that difficult to implement?

Also, a bit more convenient theme editor would be welcome, sometimes it can be quite difficult to figure the out color of which element is being edited. If it was possible to somehow highlight the element being edited, that would be amazing.


It would be really nice to have pattern follow off at the same time as playcursor and editcursor is the same. That’s how I track in Milkytracker (while fitting 64 lines on the screen) and it’s great :) It provides me a much better overview instead of having everything move around.

The pattern would only scroll if all lines don’t fit into the screen and the cursor reaches the bottom.