Edit Step And Patternfade Problem In 2.6.1 Linux 32Bit

I have a problem in edit-step mode and with muting a pattern. I started with Renoise 2.6 (not the demoversion)

First the edit-step problem:
Following the “Renoise Beginner’s Tutorial HD Part 1” on youtube, I can use an edit step of (f.e.) 4 to set a note to every 4th step in a track.
Then if you keep the “z” pressed it just loops arround so that every 4th step is set.
In my renoise this works, but it stops on the last step and hangs there, so it does not loop again in the pattern.
This means at 32 steps with 4step-editing starting at 00 - 04 ---- the last note is set to 31 and goes no further to loop back to 00 again.

Am I doing something wrong??
Yes I did, this is solved, by deselecting the Patternfocus Button (second from left)

Second problem, the muting in patternmatrix:
Following the “Renoise Beginner’s Tutorial HD Part 3” on youtube, there is a difference between muting a Track and using the mute in the pattern-matrix.
The second one fades the sound out (X-ing Pattern). I had this in Renoise 2.6, but since 2.6.1 both methods just mute immediately.

Any ideas here?? Wrong settings somewhere??

I tested it on 2 different computers and a netbook (all Linux 32bit) and it’s all the same, not only with my own songs, but also with the demosongs.

check the mute settings in the configuration.

edit: I think :)

You mean
Options => Default Mute Mode ???

I tested both modes, and both mute immediately. No fading out off the sample on mute

in the Renoise-Instrument, activate the volume-envelope and draw a fade-out. that should do what you want: not cutting the sound immediatly but fading it out over time. if you want you can also set a sustain level or a loop on the volume-envelope too, so the volume remains on a certain level until you write a note-off or mute the track.

is that what you’re looking for?

“Mute” mutes the complete track immediately, “Off” only mutes the instrument/sample playing but keeps the effects trailing out, i guess you are after that but you don’t have effects on your tracks running or at least none with reverb or delay’s that would give audible results after muting. If you want your instruments to fade out without effects, you also need your volume envelope being enabled and programmed in these instruments.

Problem solved,

the tutorial say in part 2 that the athmo-pad is an instrument, not a sample.
On this instrument there is a sustain that keeps ringing when note-off or mute is done.
The sample I used has a sustain recorded, therefore it muted and not faded out.

Thanks ;)