Edit Step For Dummies

Let’s say I want to track a techno/house bass drum? Easy. I set “Step Length” to 8 and keep my finger on the Z key. Brap!

Now instead, let’s say I want a simple drum & bass beat. The beat would be put on the lines (in hex): 00, 08, 14, 18, 20, 28, 34, 38.

Right now, I use the arrow keys, punch stuff in, typical Renoise stuff. Not a big deal. Relatively fast.

But what if, instead, I has something like “EditStepTard”? A little GUI I flick open, select a beat from a drop down, and every time I enter a note into the Pattern Editor, it changes the Step Length to the appropriate next value? Maybe even some arrows in the interface to step back/forth and change the note?


the only thing cooler than EditStepTard would be complete SongSmith-integration.

so you would be able to select from many different drumpatterns? so you’ll have a dropdown saying ‘house, dnb, salsa, swing, hiphop, idm, twostep, dubstep, nu-step, clownstep, techno, tekno, gabber, hardcore, hardstyle, jumpstyle, samba, pop, rock, nu-metal, deathmetal, doommetal, epic symphonic powermetal, jazz, breakcore, drone, ambient, experimental’ etc?

that would be awesome.

If Cie’s step-sequencer script could remember presets of hit placement, you’d have something like your request. That or saveable pattern clips.

In relation to edit step and the majority of rhythmic intervals used in music…

In addition to Connors suggestion, a tool to capture statistical analysis, relative to this thread, a rhythmic analysis tool. I think it may have been suggested before, I can’t find the link at the moment. Maybe the statistical analysis tool could be extended to Notes used and its Intervals. For example, total amount the note F is used and total amount a perfect 5th is used.

Example xrns for rhythmic stats tool: analysis.xrns (link to xrns will be deleted in about a week)

Rhythmic reference or ruler is on Track 1, (I use it to measure rhythmic intervals).

Rhythmic interval information is on Track 2 which is related to Track 3, an mp3.

Track 2 Column 1 is the sum of Kick, Snare, HH, and Crash.

Track 2 Column 2 is the sum of 3:4 polyrhythm of voice 1

Track 2 Column 3 is voice 2, and at some parts, is a syncopated 8 of 3:4:8 polyrhythm, then resolves to a True 8th note pattern, meaning its not syncopated.

Track 2 Column 4 is the sum of all rhythms used. Another suggestion would be, selective summing of rhythms, instead of summing all rhythms used per pattern. For example, summing the rhythms of Bass and Kick, excluding HH, Crash, and Guitar.

Fractional Intervals is where it gets a bit fuzzy for me in terms of standard musical analysis, such as whole notes, 8ths, 16ths, 32nd, 64, etc. I guess its much simpler to use ratios to get a hold of the complexity.

Edit: added link to “Fractional Intervals”