Edit Step While Recording Live

To start off, I’m no virtuoso on the keyboard. I was wondering if there was any way for renoise to force notes to only be placed in edit steps while recording live? I currently lay down some notes while recording and find that one or two need to be shifted up or down a little bit to be on time. If the notes were forced to be placed every two or four lines such as in edit stepping that would be great and save me some editing. I realize Renoise would have to do some guessing as to where I want the notes but if it could cram the notes into the closest edit step I’m sure it would save me time in the end. I hope I am explaining this well. And I know I could probably overcome this with practice also. But for the mean time…

Thanks for any help,

Toad :D

What you are asking for is called Quantisize.
And its is not currently in Renoise, but is something many people is asking for, so I hope it will come in the next release.

I think the way to make it record into every other line would be to decrease the internal input resolution to half. But I´m not a coder so I might be making a fool out of myself right now :)

Another way to implement quantisize is to make it so that you can quantisize a selection efter you have recorded it, but I belive this would be harder to implement, as it would have to remove note delays. etc…