Editing a tool with Sublime Text while Renoise is open?

Hi, I’m wondering, I’d prefer to use an actual editor to edit my tool Paketti, while Renoise is open.

If I save the files, does Renoise immediately notice the changes and load them? Or do I have to do something extra in Renoise?

No, sadly not. You will need to save in the internal editor. Yes, sucks a bit.

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_AUTO_RELOAD_DEBUG will allow to detect the following changes inside the root folder of the tool:

  1. Add file.
  2. Delete file.
  3. Rename the file.

But it won’t detect saving a file (edit and save).

Renoise’s own editor is fine. But it would only need to have a text zoom option…

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You’re joking. it doesn’t even support option-cursor keys or cmd-cursorkeys on macOS, for going to the beginning and end of the line. and having the .lua documentation available would be a great deal of help. I start using the renoise script editor and then forget using it cos it’s so freaking painful.

Key Commands (inside Windows 10):

  • First line: CTRL + Start
  • Last line: CTRL + End
  • Start line: Start
  • End line: End

You have all the API6 documentation (could be better ordered or clearer), and a very small part of LUA.

The LUA language is not from Renoise (it is an external programming language). You can query anything externally, or create your own LUA files to query directly from the editor.

From my point of view, for information, the API documentation is sufficient.

It is also true that I program many things from memory. I don’t need to constantly consult. As a basic editor it is enough to be able to write, jump, search and be able to read (zoom). Minus the zoom, everything else works.

It is an editor integrated in Renoise. I think that Renoise don’t need to be a very advanced editor. But it must have all the keyboard commands., such as those mentioned.

i get what you’re saying. it works on windows.
not on macOS.

i think it would be good if there was a way to force the tool to reload, without losing shortcuts, with a shortcut. that way i could just use an external editor, with it’s lookuptables and “whole repo string search” and stuff.

but yeah, the editor is good-ish. it’ll do. it’s palatable. it’s not like it crashes all the time.

just when you use something better, you look at it and go “what, why is this being turned into pain?”

Maybe there is a way to create a unique keyboard shortcut tool for the tool to build. I haven’t investigated it.

Let’s do not annoy taktik, please. I am sure he is working like a machine to make Renoise even better.

I think for macos, supporting FSEvents would solve this minor issue, too.

not sure if sarcasm or not. is questions about how to use the tool something that annoys taktik? or is this just your default “just shut up about whatever already” response?

do not anger the taktik? why would he be angered by this?

Nah wasn’t sarcasm, no, then please go on. I was wrong.

As i was developing some duplex configuraion i edited files in emacs and then reloaded tools with menu option. Internal editor was useful if i wanted some REPL

does reloading tools result in keybindings being reset/lost?

If you have a keyboard command link defined within your tool, by updating it (by editing your LUA file), if you don’t change the link information, you won’t lose it. You mean this?

I’m just worried that my KeyBindings.xml will get “reset” to “all tool shortcuts not set to anything” if i “reload the tools”.

I think not. You can do a small test with a single shortcut link.

Better backup the keybindings.xml, yes. I think the shortcuts of your tool will be removed after multiple of the same errors. Not sure. Sometimes it definitely happens.

Maybe a global scope shortcut for reloading already would help. Or some way that you could trigger reloading from within sublime.