Editing One Channel/keep Playing On Another?

I guess this is a newbie-question, but nevertheless I haven’t sorted it out myself so here goes:

Imagine this, one track with a VST-synth. This track has an senddevice to S00. Then on S00 there are various VST-effects. I have a keyboard hooked up to Renoise via MIDI and am playing the VST-synth (and the cursor is located on that track). Now I want to enter the S00-track so I can edit and mess around with the VST-effects while I’m playing on the MIDI-keyboard. As I select the S00-track I can no longer play on the VST-instrument as that track looses focus.

Is there any way to override this? I mean, is it possible editing other tracks while still have access to a specific track via the MIDI-keyboard? It’s kinda frustrating loosing focus of the VST-synth while creating a new ‘sound’. :) Please help me out.

what you ask is not possible, as of renoise 1.5

an interesting future solution could be doubleclicking on the SendDevice, which should show the Send Track DSP chain, while still keeping note editing on the parent sound track.

I will forward this idea to the developers

The same scenario arises when you want to edit the master track fx while playing an instrument. But then there’s nothing to double click, of course. How about buttons for this instead? And besides, double clicking is like a hidden feature… newbies won’t find it.

Thanks for your answers.

Hmm, the first obvious solution in my mind is to be able to lock the “keyboard/midi-access” (I hope you know what I mean) with a keycommand so that you can browse around the other tracks/channels of the program while still have the MIDI/keyboard access to the specific track you were on when you locked it. As soon as one would unlock it, it would naturally select the track that you are currently at.

Anyway, that’s the most logical solution to me and should work in many other cases with bigger/other track-arrangements.

In the meantime, I “solve” it by enter a pattern of notes in that track and let it play while editing the effects/etc… but it doesn’t feel quite as straightforward.