Editing Patterns / Arrangement

Okay, okay… I’m an old Impulse tracker buff… I’m sorry about that.

Idea I don’t know If you’ll understand number 1:
I’d like to be able to edit any pattern, no matter where the play-head is located or what the playhead is playing. No matter what pattern in the aranger is going on.

It really bugs me that you always have to be editing the pattern the playhead is playing.

Idea I don’t know If you’ll understand number 2:
This idea is very similar. In the aranger (order list), I would like to be able to move up and down the list and edit the pattern numbers even though another pattern is playing.

If you know Impulse tracker you know what I’m on about.

In impulse tracker I was (am) very used to being able to edit whatever pattern I wanted, aranging (order list) something entirely different and still the actually playing a totally different part of the song.

Idea 3
Bring the orderlist to the main view.

THank you for everything.!!

I agree. I’ve mentioned this in the arranger topic.

You can edit a pattern while it’s playing with Follow Pattern turned off, so I think that you should be able to move around and edit the pattern sequencer as well. It’s logic. Perhaps a separate Follow Sequence button?

Very good ideas! The follow sequence button would be superb!